• Deesha Majithia

What's your story?

We all love stories. Telling them, listening to them, creating them. As human beings we are always telling a story about our lives or about the things going on around us. We do not realize that the stories we tell are constantly creating our lives. When we tell a story about our life, we are re-affirming that aspect of our lives and in turn we are creating more of the same experience.

The stories we tell are the truths we live.

Even the Bible says " Words become flesh". When we put a series of words together, we form a sentence. Our sentences can be looked at as a story we are telling. In fact, every sentence is a story we tell.

Most common example of this is - we are always taught growing up that "Money doesn't grow on trees" or " You have to work hard to earn money." And as a result, we always end up struggling in our adult life without realizing that we are creating more of struggle and hardships when we keep saying that it is hard to make make money.

Ever wondered what millionaires do to get richer by the minute? The answer is nothing. Most of the richest people in the world either have developed that millionaire mindset or have grown up with the story that " there is always more than enough money" or " money is always easy to get" or " I can always afford to buy whatever I want". On the other hand a middle class person will say the exact opposite and when you ask them they will say "But it's true !". That is what they are creating. Now, I am by no means telling you to go beyond your means and spend money like a millionaire. You need to change your story from the mindset of lack and shift it to something that is within your comfort zone. For example- If you are in debt, you can begin by affirming that your bills are taken care of, or you are now debt free. It is like learning to walk, you must train your mind to shift focus from lack to abundance all the time. One baby step at a time.

A lot of law of attraction coaches tell you that you can use scripting as a means of creating your new story but what they do not teach you is to live in your new story. You can sure script but what are you doing in order to actually be in the state of the wish fulfilled. Repetition is the key to manifesting your desires. You need to keep repeating your new story until it hardens into fact. There are a lot of ways you can do this- you can speak it out loud, you can record your new story in your own voice and listen to it on either subliminals or you can simply read the same new story over and over again right before bedtime or the first thing in the morning. Joseph Murphy always gave his clients a "prayer" that they would say 3-4 times a day. It was nothing but their new story and gradually, over a period of time, the state they occupied shifted and their new reality took birth.

Manifestation is really as simple as identifying exactly what you want to change in your life, creating a new story that tells you there is a change and persisting in the new story until it shows up in your life. Too often we are the only blocks in our paths. We must make sure that our thoughts or our inner conversations or mental diet matches that of our new story. If you are able to control your mental diet, you are guaranteed to win. Everyone has a story they always tell, what's your story?

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