• Deesha Majithia

True Unconditional Love- How to recognize it?

A little off topic but today I would like to share my experience with true unconditional love since a lot of us are really very desperately trying all they can to get their special people. Born and raised in a traditional Hindu home, I grew up listening to countless tales of the true unconditional love of Radha & Krishna. But never really understood what it means to experience it in real life.

Why do you love someone so much? Why do you so badly want to hold on to the the love that is? Did Krishna have to own Radha in order to prove his love for her? Love coming from the source is not limited to owning someone. It is divine, pure and does not come with conditions. "God" loves everyone equally as we humans are created in the image of God. So why do we love differently?

The answer to all the questions is ego. The great big human ego. We do not look beyond what meets the eye. We get caught up in this carnal world or our reality which is but an illusion. The relationship between Radha and Krishna can not be reduced to a romantic relationship between a man and a woman: Radha-Krishna relationship is considered the highest form of love, the divine love. To date even thousands of years later their love is worshiped.

My father always told me "Dear, if you love someone set them free". I never understood what he meant. I always tried to hold on to the love that I had. My fears of losing the amazing love I had made me be reason it was destroyed ! After focusing on myself and connecting with the source, I had a voice nagging me telling me to just be fearless and do it. I had sleepless nights. One night, I could take it no more and I just did it. I told him that I love him - truly, deeply, unconditionally. I told him that it does not change anything, and that I do not expect anything from him. I am so so so grateful to have known this special person. I am so grateful to have experienced this pure, deep, soulful love which is coming from the source. Because it is only once in a lifetime, this person walks in to your life. You don't want to miss that opportunity ! When you fall in love with that special someone, every atom to the core of your being will be moved ! When this happens, be grateful, soak in the love.

To love someone unconditionally is to see the face of God. It is the most beautiful feeling to experience. I have seen the face of God in three most incredible human beings in my life- one of those being my Dad. Look around, be aware and you will see the face of God show up in your life in a million different ways every day ! Have you seen the face of God yet?

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