• Deesha Majithia

That which you seek

Ramana Maharishi said " You are already that which you seek". You have all heard this a little too often that that what you want already exists in this moment. We often spend so much time analyzing the hows and whys of our lives that we get caught in the web of our reality.

Our reality is nothing but an illusion of what we have out into our consciousness at some point. What we as human beings do not understand is that our dreams and desires already exist within the vast universe that our infinite self is. The question then is who am I really?

" Be still and and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10. If you were to shut down your physical senses as a human being what remains is the stillness, the nothingness. That is the eternal infinite immortal being that we really are. All the possibilities that your brain can think about already exists now within this infinite being.

Most Hindus would remember being told this story about Lord Krishna eating mud as a child and when his mother asked him to open his mouth, she saw the entire universe in his mouth. This is a representation of the universe that is existent within man himself. The reason we are not able to perceive all of these possibilities that already exist now is because our physical brain and senses are extremely limited. The only thing that is stopping us from experiencing our dream lives is no one but ourselves.

What if there was nothing standing in the way of your dream life? How would that feel? Show your consciousness that you are now feeling the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Fill your eternal being with the infinite love that you are. Let life flow though. Stop trying to control everything.

When you allow your manifestations to flow it'll be a million times more magical than you can ever comprehend. Don't take my word, test it for yourself.

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