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Questions Vs Statements

Years ago, when I was introduced to world of conscious creation, I used gratitude to create my life. I followed the gratitude journal as explained in the book 'The Magic'. I used the statements like "Thank you now that I am/I have.." or "I am so happy and grateful now that I am/have..". When I started researching more on the topic of manifesting and coaching with different coaches, I was introduced to the world of "Afformations" or "ASKffirmation". Both of these techniques involve asking a question instead of using an "I am" or "I have" statements.

Now each of these techniques have specific words you need to incorporate in order to put into your question in order to make sure that it is impressed on your subconscious mind. The afformation technique was given by Noah St. John in his book 'The great little book of afformations'. The askffirmation technique was given by David Allen in his book 'ASKffirmations- Questions that create reality'. Here I will briefly go over the two techniques and explain how and why these techniques are more effective than simply using the I am affirmations.

A lot of traditional law of attraction teachers teach to use affirmations to create the reality you desire. While this works for some, for most when they use I am statements, there is a part of their brain that says 'that's not true !' So what happens then is that there are two different things you are putting out to your subconscious mind- one that says I am wealthy and another that says that's not true. Your every thought is creating your life in every moment so guess what will happen? You're right- nothing ! It is because the Universe or your subconscious mind will not know what you have or want to create. This is where the questions instead of statements help you shift your thought patterns.

When we talk about our inner conversations or mental diet as Neville calls it, what he is essentially talking about is the our thoughts. We are naturally asking questions in our thoughts all day long. The best example of this is when something goes wrong in our life, the first thought that pops up is " Why me? ". So if our thoughts are always creating our life, why don't we use these thoughts/questions to create the life we desire? So if we ask " Why am I now wealthy? " instead of saying "I am now wealthy", we are essentially putting out the same message to our subconscious mind. It is proven to be more believable than affirmations. When you use afformations, you are asking a why question. What happens when you ask a why question is that you are telling your subconscious mind that you already have or are that which you want to create and when you ask why you are that, your subconscious mind assumes it to be true and will give or show you reasons as to why you are wealthy or in that happy relationship. Simply out, it is your assumption which you persist in until it hardens into fact ! My personal favorite part of afformations is that you can incorporate feelings within your question. For example- " Why am I now a happy millionaire?" or "Why am I now happily married to the love of my life?" or "Why am I now happy that I have a healthy body?". You can convert any I am or I have statement into an afformation. Ideally, the afformations should be up to a maximum of 10 words as it it easier for the subconscious mind to process it. I have successfully used this technique to manifest little and big things in my day to day life.

The next technique is called "ASKffirmations". This was taught by David Allen. The technique of ASKffirmations is asking questions starting with "How did I..".

"ASKffirmations never ask "Why do I." They ask in past tense"How did I." The difference between these two methods is that one way is seeking answers assuming you don't already know the answer, which is thinking OF and not FROM the fulfilled desire; and the other is already in possession of the answer (which is the actual thing to be brought into expression) in consciousness and is using this understanding to make the expression happen in reality."- David Allen

When you are using ASKffirmations, you must incorporate the answer to your question within the question itself. It can be something as silly as "How did I suddenly become a millionaire just by asking this question?". The how questions do not have to be short. The key to asking ASKffirmations is to frame the question in past tense and to include your answer within the question.

Again, I can not stress enough the power of persistence and changing your thought patterns. One single thought that you consciously change will lead to another changed thought and another and before you know you have changed all your thought patterns to conform to that which you want to create.

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