• Deesha Majithia

Persistence-Brazen Impudence

Neville says " Importunity means demanding persistency, a kind of

brazen impudence." The importance of "demanding persistency" should not be taken lightly. It is this demanding persistent assumption, claiming your desires as if they were already true which is the key to manifestation.

In his book The Power of awareness, Neville says, " The promise is definite that if you are shameless in your impudence in assuming that you already have that which your senses deny, it shall be given unto you- your desire shall be attained." Which simply means, create an assumption and persist in the assumption to be true and it has no choice but to materialize into your world.

So that brings us to what really is persisting as if it is true? Look back on the bigger things that you have manifested and you will notice a pattern. You were stubborn ! You were persistent. And it had no choice but to show up in your life. Neville Goddard manifested being respectfully discharged from the army when his application to resign was declined. Every night when he went to bed, he assumed that he was sleeping in his bedroom in New York City even though he was sleeping in the army cot. A bridge of incidents took place and he was honorably discharged! That is how persistence works. So if you desire to have a million dollars in your bank account, walk around feeling, saying, thinking that you already own the million dollars even if you have just $5 in your bank account. If it a specific person you desire to be married to- live in the assumption of the wish fulfilled. Feel being married to him in the very core of your being. And even if he is miles away or if you are not in contact or no matter what your current reality is- It WILL show up. The "I am-ness" within you wants you to experience it as much as you desire it. Trust it ! Claim it ! Test it ! Have faith and persist. I promise you it will not let you down! It is yours NOW.

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