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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Welcome to my blog. Here I will be teaching you manifestation techniques based on the teachings of Neville Goddard. My blog will solely focus on how to create your dream life base on the teachings of Neville Goddard. I have been studying the law of attraction and spirituality since the last 7 years. I started off reading the book " The Secret" and I went on to read the books that followed all written by Rhonda Byrne. Although I have had some success manifesting things into my life using the law of attraction, I still felt like there were times when no matter how happy I felt or how hard I tried to keep my feelings under my control it just would not work out. I went on studying more and more on the law of attraction and how it really works. Some parts of the law of attraction are explainable on the basis of quantum Physics but still I found myself wondering what the "Universe" really is and how it works. After months of going from one teacher to another, I stumbled upon Neville Goddard's teachings. At first I found it hard to understand what he really meant when he said that God exists in man and man in God. I struggled for weeks and months until I finally bought his book and started studying what the essence of creation really is. Once I understood what Neville refers to the " I am" really is and that it is the only thing that really is, I was shocked. My entire life now started making sense. Every little thing now made sense. When I realized how powerful the " I am" within me is, I saw the world in a different light. I felt like I was a blind person who was able to see the beautiful creation that this world really is and the fact that it is all my creation. 

This spiritual journey that I embarked on wasn't the easiest one. Most of the people who have become aware of their consciousness and have gotten to the end of the journey have been at the rock bottom and rediscovered themselves. 

I call upon all of you reading this post to look within yourself and see that you are the only one in your world and you are the creator of your world. 

In the next post I will writing about assumptions and beliefs and how you can use them as tools to create everything it is that you desire. 

All of Neville's books and lectures are available for free online. The link is on the home page. Also, if you would like to listen to his lectures there are tons of them available on YouTube for free. 

Welcome to the life of your dreams !

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