• Deesha Majithia

Manifestation and the power of surrendering

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Manifestations is one of the most overused words these days. Everyone wants to "manifest" their dreams and desires. Personally, I do not like to use the word manifestation because in reality we are not manifesting any thing in our lives. What we desire already exists (in another dimension that we as human beings cannot perceive). In order to be able to experience that in our dimension, we only need to shift our awareness to that which we desire to be. One of the key aspects to this is the art of surrendering or letting go.We have all heard let go and you will manifest whatever you desire. But a lot of times we find it hard to let go because we want it so bad that we are not able to see beyond this physical world.What then really is surrendering? The most important element to manifestation is to recognize and acknowledge the infinite being (soul/subconscious/spirit is infinite) that we are. That infinite being wants you to have and experience everything that your heart desires in this physical form of who you are. That infinite being loves the physical form (human form) of you more than you realize. The "I am" within you is the operant power. Once you connect with the operant power, the I am within you, you will understand that techniques don't matter, things in your current reality don't matter, circumstances and situations don't matter. As Neville says be faithful to your end, believe that the operant power is waiting for you to have everything you desire. The only limitations that may seem to "exist" is only a figment of your imagination."I am" is infinite and there are no limitations. There are no blocks between you and your desires. Whenever you find your self doubting the process of manifestation or whether or not it can come to pass, ask yourself this-  If "I am" is God and if it keeps my heart beating non stop 24/7 then who am I 'not' to trust? Believe that that which you want wants you too. Surrender to this infinite being and just watch how easily and effortlessly everything always works out for you!

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