• Deesha Majithia

Live in the end

The core of Neville's teachings is that Jesus Christ or God is non other than the wonderful human imagination. Imagination creates our reality, every day, every minute and every second.

In his lecture 'Live in the end', Neville says " If imagining creates reality, what are you imagining? For, if Christ is the only creative power in the universe, and I identify Him with my own imagination, well, then, my imagination is creating reality."In simpler terms, we are always creating our world. Every little thing we experience right from the time you wake up to the time you sleep is a manifestation. In order to manifest something, we must occupy the state of already having it- which Neville calls 'living in the end'.

What does living in the end and thinking from that state of being mean?

Neville says " I say, live as though it were true – just as though it were true. " The concept of living in the end is often misunderstood or disregarded by many. When you desire it and live from the end of already having the thing that you desire, it has no choice but to materialize in your reality. In the simplest of words it literally means 'fake it till you make it'. When you act as if you already are a millionaire, even if your current situation denies it, it impresses being a millionaire on your subconscious mind and that will be externalized in to your world through God in a way which no man can consciously devise.

Is it the house that you desire? Is it the job you desire? Is it being married to the love of your life? Occupy that state in your mind and feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If you occupy that state in your mind's eye, I guarantee you, you will have it. You do not have to worry about what your current situation is. I say to each and every one that I help achieve their dreams, "IT DOESN'T MATTER".

A lot of people have questioned this as 'manipulation' or 'immoral' but I am here to tell you that morality does not exist ! You are the sole creator of your life. Whether you believe you are right or you are wrong, you are right. So are you manipulating another to get that job or to marry you or to treat you like a Princess? Nope ! Every person is your creation so if you were to say so and so is now spoiling me or getting me gifts or hiring me or appreciating me work, they have no choice but to conform to that which you have created. Neville says when you live in the end, no one s hurt. How your desires materialize should not concern you because you will never, in your conscious mind be able to form the path to the end. Here's a simple technique I personally use to live in the end and think from the that state. What would you be thinking about if you were already married to him/her? I use this technique to think about simple daily life situations. Who is going to cook dinner tonight and who will do the dishes? Who will pick up the kids from school? Can you see his eyes gleaming with happiness when you catch him staring at you? Would he hug you from the back while you are in the kitchen cooking? How does that feel? Does your love constantly spoil you and tell you that you are so so so loved? Have fun with this create them to be the person of your dreams. Test it for yourself.

Change your inner world and watch how easily everything always goes the way you want it to.

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