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Healing and Faith- Miracles or Myth?

Being a health care professional myself, I was skeptical writing about this topic. We are living in a world where everything is driven by science and technology. As the world faces one of mankind's greatest challenges today with the outbreak of the COVID-19, I decided to go back and read more on what our spiritual teachers have to say on the subject of faith and healing.

In order to really understand the technicalities of how healing takes place, we must know the basics of how the subconscious mind works. The power to heal lives within our subconscious mind. Whatever we feed into our subconscious mind, believe and have faith, will come to pass in our reality. This applies to all areas of life including health. So if you feed your subconscious mind with life-giving, healing thoughts, that is what you would experience in your life.

Be sure to speak to your subconscious mind with authority and conviction, and it will conform to your command. - Joseph Murphy

Mental Healing and Faith

We have all heard mysterious stories about faith healing and faith healers. The question that arises is why have we seen healings take place at various shrines across the world over the ages, what part did rituals play in healing? The answer to this is simply the blind faith that the person holds which releases the healing power within your subconscious mind.

It has been said in the Bible on numerous occasions- "According to your faith is it done unto you"

Faith, as mentioned in The Bible is a way of thinking, an attitude of the mind, an inner certitude, knowing that the idea you fully accept in your conscious mind will be embodied in your subconscious mind and made manifest. Faith is, in a sense, accepting as true what your reason and senses deny , i.e., a shutting out of the little, rational, analytical, conscious mind and embracing an attitude of complete reliance on inner power of your subconscious mind. - Joseph Murphy

The symptoms of any disease can be induced in anyone in hypnotic state just by suggestion. When a doctor dresses a wound, is he the one actually brings about the healing? The law of the subconscious mind heals it. The instinct of self preservation is the first law of nature. Although, over the years, there have been various theories proposed by various religious groups but is it really the prayers that heal? When you were little and scraped your knee, you did not know how, but your subconscious knew how to heal. That was only possible as your conscious mind was fed, by others around you, that it is only a scraped knee and you will heal. The same principle applies to healing other diseases as well. The only reason why there is no cure is because you have been conditioned to believe that. In reality, there is nothing impossible to the infinite intelligence.

The question then is how do we apply this to heal? The simplest technique is to give thanks in advance for the healing that you know will come, do not react to what is, and then repeat it over and over again. Stop talking about your ailments, do not give them a name. They thrive on your fears of them !

Disease has no ultimate reality; if it had, no one could be healed.

These are testing times for all of us, rather difficult for those of us who are affected with this disease. But remember the cure is within. For all of us who are still healthy, a reminder that this virus is thriving on our fear. Do not spend your isolation days thinking/speaking/reading/listening about it, rather focus on what you have gained from this gift of precious time ! Lots of love and good health to all of you ! Stay safe, stay healthy !

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