• Deesha Majithia

Faith- The Master key to unlock your potential

The power of undying faith has known to move mountains. It not just wishful thinking that I am talking about. Many time faith is mistaken for being hopeful. While being hopeful about your manifestation coming to pass is great it is not enough to create your life consciously. What then is the difference between being hopeful and being faithful to your desires?

The mystery of creation is to be understood in terms of faith, so what is faith? It is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen with the mortal eye - Neville Goddard.

Hope looks to the future. It is always future tense. Faith is now. Faith says, “I’ll receive my manifestation right now. I have it now.” It is not hoping that gets the job done, it is believing ! Faith is a knowing, in the core of your being that you are getting everything that you desire now.

Faith is the power that you walk in, knowing it is done. It is the confidence of knowing all the answers, it is the conviction with which you claim your dreams.

Faith contains a power which can link you to a world where you are eternal - Neville Goddard.

Faith does not create, but if you remain faithful to your unseen reality, it would materialize into the physical world. If you do not react to your current reality and remain faithful to your end of being that you which you want to manifest, it will harden into fact. Being loyal to your end is the very important to manifest.

"You see, there are two things that displease God. One is the lack of faith in "I am he", and the other is eating the tree of knowledge of the good and evil. Without faith it is impossible to please yourself !"- Creation- Faith Neville Goddard, May 20, 1968

Having faith is like knowing in the ore of your being that it is done. You can affirm it a million times that it is done and you are manifesting your desires but how often do you really just sit back and enjoy life 'knowing' that it is yours? A lot of us get caught up in the situations as we know it them to be- now. When you call upon your desires as if they are now, knowing that you own the power to create, and that when you claim your desires, it is done- instantly, it has no choice but to appear in your reality. There are a lot of techniques, tools and practices that you can use to tune into that feeling of knowing. My favorite one is heart- brain coherence.

I will post more on tools, techniques and practices in my upcoming blogs. Please feel free to reach out, share, comment and let me know what are some of the topics that you would like me to touch upon. Always, always, always remember you are the power !

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