• Deesha Majithia

Do words matter?

Your grandma always taught you to choose your words wisely. Ever wondered why? Do words really matter? This is one of the most discussed topics among conscious creators, and probably one of the most controversial ones. A lot of coaches will tell you that words don't matter and some will say the opposite. And now you are probably wondering who to believe? Who is right and are words really important to create? Here's my two cents.

Law of attraction teaches you to use affirmations to manifest, to use gratitude to manifest. But there is a specific way to do it. Your statements must be in the present tense, as if you have it now. So according to the law of attraction, words are important. Law of belief tells you that words don't matter, it is your beliefs that create your reality. You may have noticed, sometimes, that you are talking about a certain thing and it shows up in your reality moments later. If you are one of those who has experienced this, you would say that words definitely create. Let's see how the two are connected.

If you observe your words, you will notice that your words essentially stem from your beliefs. Beliefs form your perspectives and attitudes.

Ever wondered why grammar is important? Sometimes just one word is enough to give a different meaning to a sentence, just the placement of a single word can change the meaning of the sentence. Words are not powerful but it is the meaning behind those words that makes your imagination a reality. Whatever you put meaning to is what manifests in your outer world. When I say "I have a million dollars in my bank account now.", the act of me saying that is not what is creating, it is the meaning I put to the statement, the image that forms in my mind when I say that statement, the emotion it evokes within me, the thoughts I have in my mind is what creates the reality of me having a million dollars in my bank account.

Practical application of this knowledge to the art of creation can be used to manipulate how you feel, which in turn, changes your reality. If you closely observe how you are using your words, you would understand the story you are almost always telling. When you reflect upon it, you will know that your stories always, always, always stemming from your beliefs. So when you change your story, you are essentially reprogramming your subconscious mind. Hence, creating your new reality.

The story that you are telling is really you affirming the state of being over and over again until it shows up in your reality. If you do not change your story to match your chosen reality, you will be stuck in the viscous circle of manifesting the same reality. Which is why it is very very important to change your story. A classical example of this is relationships. How often have you noticed that you attract the same kind of men or men having the same qualities? Ever wondered why? Because you keep talking about how your partner always ignores you, or how he does not text back ! So guess what? Even if you change the partner, you will still be ignored because every time you think and talk about it, you generate the feeling of being ignored and the more you say it, the stronger the emotion, the more it shows up in your reality !

It is really that simple ! We conscious creators sometimes complicate it a lot. All you need to do is to change your story, choose your words wisely and watch the world around you conform to your new story.

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